Definition of blood-spattered in English:



  • Covered with drops or spots of blood.

    ‘his body was found in a blood-spattered bathroom’
    • ‘My last sight was of his blood-spattered watch on his thick wrist.’
    • ‘Doctors and nurses in blood-spattered white uniforms rushed from gurney to gurney trying to determine who to treat first.’
    • ‘After he had them clean the blood-spattered walls of the great hall, he marched them out and hanged them from a ship's cable.’
    • ‘A tarpaulin covered the blood-spattered ground in front of the gate of the terraced house.’
    • ‘They were alerted to the smash after the plane's blood-spattered co-pilot Bill Howarth staggered to the station.’
    • ‘Based on the meticulously researched, resoundingly entertaining series of novels by Bernard Cornwell, Sharpe's Rifles is one of many episodes that tell the tale of Richard Sharpe, a blood-spattered, old-fashioned hero.’
    • ‘She still hasn't removed her blood-spattered sweater, and the dried brown stain looks stark against her pale face.’
    • ‘Blood-spattered and shaken, he was taken to hospital, where he remained in intensive care for three days.’
    • ‘The body was found near a blood-spattered shed.’
    • ‘What kind of man writes a book that merits a blood-spattered screwdriver on its cover?’
    • ‘If films featuring blood-spattered violence appeal, then you'll find Quentin Tarantino's fourth film is a cut above the rest.’
    • ‘Slowly the smoke begins to thin and you see disoriented victims trying to make sense of the situation, an endless number of people shocked, caked in powder, and blood-spattered.’
    • ‘The setting may be the Twelfth Century but the language is of today and it's as colourful as the knight's blood-spattered tunics.’
    • ‘It is the biggest film festival in the world, embracing everything from the lowliest blood-spattered exploitation chiller to the loftiest expression of an auteur's vision.’
    • ‘A man in blood-spattered clothes is said to have reported the shooting.’
    • ‘They later dumped the metal baseball bat, blood-spattered clothing and gloves into dumpsters around Seattle.’
    • ‘Images of blood-spattered correspondents being carried to cars and rushed on stretchers down hotel corridors dominated television screens throughout the world.’
    • ‘We do not immediately notice his severed arm and blood-spattered shirt.’
    • ‘Tears smeared her blood-spattered face.’
    • ‘Police and paramedics were called to the blood-spattered house in Abercarn Close, off Waterloo Road.’
    bloodstained, blood-soaked, gory
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