Definition of blondness in English:


(also blondeness)


  • See blond

    • ‘Nor would you have said anything similar in this country during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, whose portraits over the years increasingly exaggerated the blondness of her hair.’
    • ‘His boldness and his allegiance to his own mind were as irresistible as his blondness and blue-eyed sweetness.’
    • ‘The blondness as an attraction to black-haired Asians does make sense.’
    • ‘Her blondness came mostly from a bottle, but she had been such a sweetly pretty little girl with blonde ringlets that some of the older townspeople still called her Goldilocks.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, however, a battle over the symbolism of blondness was taking place in other parts of Europe where the Virgin Mary was being portrayed as a blonde.’
    • ‘One could not help noticing that, in her radiant blondness, she is even more attractive than her husband.’