Definition of blokey in English:



  • another term for blokeish
    • ‘The other four nominees suffer in comparison from being relatively established names and, more damningly, from having short, blokey names.’
    • ‘People think of a bloke in his shed and they expect blokey mechanical type things, but the exhibition has some really subtle and intricate pieces.’
    • ‘Outside, the paint had a nice mirror finish and the car looked confident, with a low, hunched stance and sharp creases but, again, a bit blokey.’
    • ‘Okay, no more schmaltz - it's time to get blokey.’
    • ‘That's not to say that she doesn't recognise journalism shares with politics a blokey culture, nor that she is insensitive to power relations.’
    • ‘The offensive and shocking new program is a show for blokes about being a bloke and doing blokey things.’
    • ‘It will be interesting to see if the blokey culture of cricket and sports media gets debated once the dust has settled on this story.’
    • ‘He has no desire to dispense blokey bonhomie from the stage.’
    • ‘I wouldn't really consider this blog to cover the same sort of material you'd normally find in a blokey magazine - but sometimes we really must bend the rules and make exceptions.’
    • ‘But you've spoken about a blokey culture, I mean isn't that sort of thing hard to change?’
    • ‘What voters want from their off-duty male politicians is state-of-the-art blokey informality, a look that speaks of the golf clubhouse rather than the chamber.’
    • ‘Maybe he'll pull it all together for next week, but chances are he won't, and his blokey enthusiasm won't get him much further.’
    • ‘A graphic art whizz had done it for him, but he had made the mistake of giving the red-top a blokey, jokey quote to accompany it.’
    • ‘It only takes one to say something blokey and everyone starts in.’
    • ‘But they're very masculinist, they're very blokey, they do appeal to a certain kind of image of modernist, alpha male sort of image.’
    • ‘Having more women in politics has so far not created much difference as front benches and priorities are still blokey.’
    • ‘I mean, they're kind of bohemian, or they'd be working on a building site rather than a theatre, but they are blokey.’
    • ‘City women give the blokey outdoors life their best shot.’
    • ‘I grew up in a fairly blokey environment but with powerful feminine influences.’
    • ‘You can be a blokey bloke without losing your trust and love for people.’