Definition of blokeishness in English:


(also blokishness)


  • See blokeish

    • ‘For a band who have consistently cultivated an aura of mystique, the amiable blokeishness of much of the set is both unexpected and reassuring.’
    • ‘There is a real sense of blokishness on some blogs that doesn't appeal to me and I'm definitely not a fan of bear-pit blogging.’
    • ‘Politicians today flaunt their club allegiances as badges of authenticity and ordinary blokishness.’
    • ‘I found my scepticism about his blokeishness fall away, to be replaced by a desire to cheer him on.’
    • ‘Surely it is the essence of blokeishness not to dress up.’
    • ‘But some reviewers said I had an unpleasant blokishness about me and it's simply not true.’