Definition of bloke in English:



  • A man.

    ‘he's a nice bloke’
    • ‘The men are ordinary blokes and the cast portray them with understanding and conviction.’
    • ‘Single blokes should note that male protesters are currently massively outnumbered by the female ones.’
    • ‘At last, we were ready, handing over a sizeable deposit to the muscular and tanned board hire bloke.’
    • ‘This was much helped by a nice bloke who kept coming up to me and telling me how great the music was, and asking me to dance.’
    • ‘Women dress up for men, but blokes hardly ever merchandise themselves for us gals.’
    • ‘I had to cut him off, he was a nice bloke and everything, but I had understood him the first time.’
    • ‘Which is a real shame for us, because he's an excellent manager and an all-round good bloke.’
    • ‘He was just an ordinary bloke from the back streets of Leeds but everyone loved him and wants to pay their respects.’
    • ‘Both the brother and his partner are nice enough blokes so I'm sure we can work something out.’
    • ‘I don't know too much about him, but he seemed like an important man and a good bloke.’
    • ‘Eventually, one bloke told me to try spinners, which are shiny pieces of metal with hooks on the end.’
    • ‘Crucially, all four members get a chance to address the crowd on their own, and they come over as decent blokes for the most part.’
    • ‘The poor bloke behind the counter struggled with his keyboard, tapping away for at least a minute before giving up.’
    • ‘But we are convinced and satisfied that our blokes did a great job.’
    • ‘Very little we do these days is for us, unless we want to feel good so we can pull some bloke!’
    • ‘The old bloke is 84 and one of the most belligerent and funniest people I've ever met.’
    • ‘What is certain is that this gangly bloke from the plains is right at home in the mountains.’
    • ‘I just thought the bloke dancing along in his computer chair was quite funny.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter if we all think the Premier's a nice bloke if he's doing a terrible job.’
    • ‘He may have been an academic and a Pom, was the subtext, but he was still a good keen bloke.’
    • ‘As a normal, relaxed, laid back bloke, I find the whole phenomenon just really odd.’
    • ‘If it had got one of the old blokes with heart trouble, it could have killed them.’
    • ‘He wanted me to think he was an innocent, ordinary bloke, but I wasn't going to fall for that trick.’
    • ‘Suddenly there's a huge cheer; some smelly looking bloke in a bad hat has meandered onto the stage.’
    • ‘There was one bloke in Limerick with two tickets and he was hoping to get another two.’
    • ‘Well there you are at the bar ordering your fifth vodka and you get chatting to this fit bloke.’
    • ‘He seems such a nice bloke, however, that I left worried he was just being polite.’
    • ‘Undeterred I decided to wait outside for two hours to see whether this bloke was telling the truth.’
    • ‘I didn't envy the poor bloke who spent most of the day in the loft—it's been boiling!’
    • ‘In any other circumstance I would have been terrified of this bloke and worried that he might hit me.’
    • ‘Deep down, he's a nice bloke, despite his best efforts to shield that fact from the world.’
    • ‘So we've got a few people on the way up to try and get them photographs of this poor little bloke.’
    • ‘He's a truly talented bloke and it's such a shame that nobody who matters has picked up on his brilliance.’
    • ‘Then he sees some healthy looking young bloke putting on his flight socks.’
    • ‘I did get a drunken phone call last night at 3am from some Scouse bloke looking for Dave.’
    • ‘Then, about two weeks later, I went to the club where this bloke was the doorman.’
    • ‘I had been thinking it might be nice to have a bloke about the house.’
    • ‘We had a great night at the dance last night one bloke even approached us and said that in his opinion we were the stars of the tango!’
    • ‘He was a funny bloke and we were about the only people round here that he spoke to.’
    • ‘They are both nice blokes and it should be a good year (if I can find places to store all my stuff).’
    • ‘Most of the nicer blokes were chosen by two or three women, so this was at least a vindication of my particular views on how to treat people.’
    • ‘She hired some old Greek bloke to knock one up for her, which he did in record time.’
    man, boy, male, individual, body
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Mid 19th century: from Shelta.