Definition of bloke in English:



  • A man:

    ‘he's a nice bloke’
    • ‘Most of the nicer blokes were chosen by two or three women, so this was at least a vindication of my particular views on how to treat people.’
    • ‘The men are ordinary blokes and the cast portray them with understanding and conviction.’
    • ‘But we are convinced and satisfied that our blokes did a great job.’
    • ‘Both the brother and his partner are nice enough blokes so I'm sure we can work something out.’
    • ‘I had to cut him off, he was a nice bloke and everything, but I had understood him the first time.’
    • ‘I had been thinking it might be nice to have a bloke about the house.’
    • ‘I just thought the bloke dancing along in his computer chair was quite funny.’
    • ‘If it had got one of the old blokes with heart trouble, it could have killed them.’
    • ‘The poor bloke behind the counter struggled with his keyboard, tapping away for at least a minute before giving up.’
    • ‘He seems such a nice bloke, however, that I left worried he was just being polite.’
    • ‘Deep down, he's a nice bloke, despite his best efforts to shield that fact from the world.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter if we all think the Premier's a nice bloke if he's doing a terrible job.’
    • ‘He was just an ordinary bloke from the back streets of Leeds but everyone loved him and wants to pay their respects.’
    • ‘I didn't envy the poor bloke who spent most of the day in the loft—it's been boiling!’
    • ‘Women dress up for men, but blokes hardly ever merchandise themselves for us gals.’
    • ‘The old bloke is 84 and one of the most belligerent and funniest people I've ever met.’
    • ‘They are both nice blokes and it should be a good year (if I can find places to store all my stuff).’
    • ‘He was a funny bloke and we were about the only people round here that he spoke to.’
    • ‘Crucially, all four members get a chance to address the crowd on their own, and they come over as decent blokes for the most part.’
    • ‘I don't know too much about him, but he seemed like an important man and a good bloke.’
    • ‘This was much helped by a nice bloke who kept coming up to me and telling me how great the music was, and asking me to dance.’
    • ‘Single blokes should note that male protesters are currently massively outnumbered by the female ones.’
    man, boy, male, individual, body
    chap, fellow, geezer, lad, fella, punter, character, customer, sort, bod
    guy, dude, hombre
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Mid 19th century: from Shelta.