Definition of blogroll in English:



  • (on a blog) a list of hyperlinks to other blogs or websites.

    • ‘I've also been prompted to freshen up my blogroll.’
    • ‘I have been thinking of what to do with my blogroll again.’
    • ‘Check out my magnificent archives or take a peek into something new in my blogroll.’
    • ‘In part four I argued the case for having a reciprocal blogroll.’
    • ‘I think it has quite a bit to do with the relative lack of tools to deal with blogrolls.’
    • ‘My blogroll reflects the cyber highway to the world that I've found here.’
    • ‘For more on marriage, add Family Scholars Blog to your blogroll.’
    • ‘Here are some outstanding examples of blogging that caught my eye in a leisurely stroll around the blogroll earlier this morning.’
    • ‘Even more prestigious is a place on someone's blogroll, a permanent link to one's own site.’
    • ‘That was just a morning's surfing; skewed, naturally, towards my blogroll.’
    • ‘For good stuff, readers can check out the blogroll on my website.’
    • ‘I can't even imagine consistently reading a blog that doesn't have a blogroll.’
    • ‘There's links on the right there to blogs I love reading, in the blogroll.’
    • ‘Over the past few days I've updated the blogroll on the left.’
    • ‘The blogroll is at the bottom in a dropdown box.’
    • ‘I often get asked to mention a new blogger's blog or put them in my blogroll.’
    • ‘He could have been reading information on my blogroll.’
    • ‘You can find actual links in the blogroll at left.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most noticable change is to my blogroll.’
    • ‘By the way, I restored the complete alphabetical blogroll.’