Definition of blog post in English:

blog post


  • A piece of writing or other item of content published on a blog.

    ‘I've read your previous blog post on this topic’
    • ‘Did I really think I'd have time to write a blog post?’
    • ‘The hardest part is that you can write the best guest blog post, but if the pitch email isn't genuine or well thought out, none of your efforts will matter.’
    • ‘Between writing a letter to my husband every day and doing a daily blog post, that's a lot of writing for a writer out of practice.’
    • ‘The report stems from a recent blog post by a reliable technology insider.’
    • ‘It's important when reading a blog post that you feel it comes from a person.’
    • ‘In a recent blog post he made some bold predictions about the cost of each individual component.’
    • ‘I have read so many blog posts that have inspired me or impressed me or stuck with me.’
    • ‘He wanted to clarify a number of things in response to my recent blog posts.’
    • ‘Your recent blog post on that topic was very interesting.’
    • ‘The new logo ushers in "one of the most significant waves of product launches in our history", the company's general manager of brand strategy wrote in a blog post yesterday.’