Definition of blocky in English:



  • Of the nature of or resembling a block or blocks.

    ‘blocky granite’
    • ‘I found the big, blocky soap to be uncomfortable and difficult to handle.’
    • ‘As advertised, he moves better than his blocky build would suggest.’
    • ‘First, when you zoom in on part of an image, the system doesn't tell you when the print will start to become blocky or ‘pixelated’.’
    • ‘Often, it becomes more streamlined, more detailed and less blocky.’
    • ‘When I first saw them, I remembered that on our first date she had worn blocky black sneakers which I couldn't help but find sexy.’
    • ‘The results are blocky, quirky landscapes shot through with colour that would light up any wall.’
    • ‘It was a light shade of gray, and had a blocky appearance.’
    • ‘He was too blocky and upright for such a relaxed home, and I could see that he belonged in one of those modern apartments where everything is stainless steel.’
    • ‘Plants form a tight rosette of leaves, not a long blocky head.’
    • ‘The tight wire mesh seems out of synch with the blocky wood décor typical of state parks, and I am puzzled by its impenetrability.’
    • ‘From behind blocky horn-rimmed glasses he blinked out at the world like a perpetually startled and slightly confused owl.’
    • ‘It is just too blocky, too bulky, a very four-square building.’
    • ‘A diverting entertainment nonetheless, this is one book not to judge by its blocky lime-green cover or its bland layout.’
    • ‘The pictures came back blocky, out-of-focus and with the contrast all out of whack.’
    • ‘Nearly all the department stores dumped their venerable typefaces for blocky san-serif fonts.’
    • ‘The color reproduction is good but the image is blocky (especially in the background) and the contrast is way off.’
    • ‘The entry was signed in a flourish, so completely different to the blocky spidery writing that was the previous entries.’
    • ‘I think the statue sort of looks like big blocky concrete and is, like most modern art, ugly.’
    • ‘Its compact, blocky style of carving seems to emphasize durability.’
    • ‘He handed her a small brown paper bag with ‘Fantasy Folio’ written on the outside in bold blocky letters.’