Definition of blockish in English:



  • 1Big, bulky, or crude in form or appearance.

    ‘his blockish architecture is ugly if functional’
    • ‘The Su Tongpo poetry of the Kusoshi is printed in clear, blockish characters, while the waka verses appear in a mixture of cursive characters and kana syllables.’
    • ‘It may be comprehensive and easy to navigate, but - unusually - the design is a little blockish and dour.’
    • ‘I didn't particularly like his psychotherapist, who seemed to me rather brusque and blockish, yet he seemed to establish a trusting relationship very quickly.’
    • ‘The deer - a thick, blockish buck with bold antlers - was visible instantly.’
    • ‘I took out my notebook and observed the opposite coffeeshop, in a blockish script.’
    • ‘The restaurant is housed in a nondescript small blockish building, which has in the past served as an internet cafe and a shop for plumbing supplies.’
  • 2Unintelligent.

    ‘the blockish Ajax will meet the challenge of Hector’
    • ‘Those who can not understand this look blockish.’
    stupid, unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, slow-witted, slow, dull, dull-witted, witless, half-witted, doltish, dunce-like, simple, simple-minded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic, cretinous, obtuse, bovine, lumpish
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