Definition of block vote in English:

block vote


  • A vote proportional in power to the number of people a delegate represents, used particularly at a trade-union conference.

    • ‘The most powerful shareholders are the institutional investors, the rich who wield a block vote.’
    • ‘He fought to end the block vote in party elections.’
    • ‘The resolution to remove the board was defeated despite a block vote in favour of it from one particular management company.’
    • ‘Labour may not like to admit it, but the block vote saved the party from extinction in the 1980s by curbing the centrifugal forces that were tearing it apart.’
    • ‘On another plane, every other identifiable group - religious or caste - is being wooed by various political parties to secure their block vote.’
    • ‘This had the effect of ending the union block vote.’
    • ‘And although he broke the trade union block vote at the party conference, his longer-term strategy for Labour was not entirely clear.’
    • ‘They are the ones who would know because the ministries are given a block vote for consultancies.’
    • ‘Whether it will stop him becoming leader is unclear but he clearly cannot count on a Scottish block vote to help him.’
    • ‘In forty-eight of the fifty states the Electoral College votes cast by each state towards the election of the President are by tradition delivered as a bloc vote.’
    • ‘As one might expect, he won the position by utilising the block vote, with his cronies casting thousands of votes on his behalf.’
    • ‘As with last year, a secret panel will be awarding a single block vote to the value of an extra 20 per cent of the evening's total vote.’
    • ‘This is the month when individual choice on television is marginalised by a block vote.’
    • ‘The block vote does not exist in British political contests and it should not be allowed to come in via a blind eye being turned to allegedly ‘ethnic’ customs.’
    • ‘In part, that was because rule changes reduced the power of the block vote.’
    • ‘I encourage you to change your voter registration to the district where your university is located, and become a block vote that your local politicians will have to deal with.’
    • ‘We must ensure the block vote is not again sent down to London for mass-counting.’


block vote