Definition of block something out in English:

block something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Stop something such as light or noise from reaching somewhere.

    ‘you're blocking out my sun’
    • ‘I groaned, grabbing my pillow and placing it over my ears, blocking all noise out.’
    • ‘I have always been really aware of fires and I knew to shut the door to block the fire out.’
    • ‘Tony is talking, while Davy is trying to block the noise out with his pillow.’
    • ‘According to this watch it's only 2:17 pm but there's almost no natural light whatsoever; the sun is blocked out completely by low-hung clouds of industrial smog.’
    • ‘I usually just block such noises out because in the city there's always some lunatic running around shouting things but for some reason I ran to the cry for help.’
    • ‘We stopped at 3am, when the cloud cover finally blocked them out.’
    • ‘I keep trying to block his voice out of my head, but I can't stop it all the time.’
    • ‘Dr Brown said: ‘The sun appears so small from that distance that you could completely block it out with the head of a pin.’’
    • ‘The house is going to block the sunlight out of our south facing gardens.’
    conceal, hide, screen, keep out, blot out, exclude
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    1. 1.1 Exclude something unpleasant from one's thoughts or memory.
      ‘they had managed to block out incidents from long ago’
      • ‘They could wind up so traumatized by their actions that blocking the incident out could be their only option.’
      • ‘Eva bit her lip and tried to block it out of her memory, but it was no use.’
      • ‘Eventually though he managed to block them out and catch some much needed sleep.’
      • ‘Maybe we're just blocking it out like a bad memory or premonition.’
      • ‘He tried to block those memories out, but he couldn't in his nearly unconscious state.’
      • ‘I sighed, wondering why I had chosen to block the memories out in the first place.’
      conceal, hide, screen, keep out, blot out, exclude
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  • 2Mark or sketch something out roughly.

    ‘I would block out an area and sketch in the detail’
    • ‘I write it down on my steno pad when the idea comes to me, and more or less block it out on paper first.’
    • ‘Sometimes, I'll start right on the computer and then have to slow down and block things out on paper to sort things out.’
    • ‘I designed it by blocking it out on a ‘clean sheet’ using an architect's program.’
    • ‘The image is first blocked out and then carved away to create very beautiful and amazing designs and patterns.’
    rough, rough out, sketch out, trace out, outline, set out, lay out, delineate, draft
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