Definition of block party in English:

block party


North American
  • A party for all the residents of a block or neighbourhood, usually held outdoors.

    • ‘Wouldn't that be a great ice breaker at the next block party?’
    • ‘The smell of baking biscuits wafts down the corridor, and draws enquiries from several of his neighbours - soon there is what amounts to a block party in and outside the kitchen.’
    • ‘The Backsliders are scheduled this month for a block party at Sun Studio.’
    • ‘These recollections, along with photographs and other mementos, could be gathered in a journal, which then would become the focus of a reunion block party.’
    • ‘Much later that night, after a perfect fish soup in the Place des Vosges, I walked into the narrow passages of the Marais district and stumbled upon an impromptu block party.’
    • ‘With the blogs, your foodie community could expand from a block party to cover pretty much the entire world.’
    • ‘‘We take part in a community block party to brighten up the winter nights and to have a reason to get together,’ Welsh said.’
    • ‘Wouldn't there be police, supervising a block party?’
    • ‘Saturday night was the block party back in the old neighborhood.’
    • ‘Makes for one hell of a block party let me tell you that…’
    • ‘Peter and I are going back to the old neighborhood for a block party.’
    • ‘There's going to be a big block party that weekend on fraternity row.’
    • ‘Aren't you going to the block party now, sweetie?’
    • ‘Instead of gifts, organize a future neighborhood activity where everyone can pitch in such as a spring planting, a summer block party, an Easter egg hunt, or autumn leaf raking.’
    • ‘Basically, I'm going to pay fifteen high school seniors to write a book about the block on which they live, and then we're going to have a block party to release the book.’
    • ‘He also wants to throw a big block party outside Connerly's house.’
    • ‘Those who missed it missed the block party of the year!’
    • ‘They had a block party, and as is the custom, a fire truck showed up to amuse the kids.’
    • ‘One evening this past summer, I struck up a conversation with a fellow parishioner at a neighborhood block party.’
    • ‘Where you're likely to hear people talking about our common wealth is at a block party, a union meeting, a street festival, a concert in the park.’