Definition of block letters in English:

block letters

plural noun

  • Plain capital letters; block capitals.

    • ‘But many were the work of children, including one that bore only one word in huge block letters covering the entire card: ‘WHY?’’
    • ‘Words appear in sentences or fragments in a child's block letters.’
    • ‘It is printed in block letters (when he was in the habit of writing in longhand), including the signature, and the printing shows no emotion.’
    • ‘Written in huge block letters on its side was the word ‘FRAGILE’.’
    • ‘The second I read this, I rushed to my desk and scribbled two words on a fresh post-it, in big block letters.’
    • ‘On the back is a slogan in big block letters: ‘AN ARMY OF ONE.’’
    • ‘The minimum letter heights listed below are for sans serif, block letters, sewn in a satin stitch.’
    • ‘The girl who I was working with had a pin with the name ‘Laura’ written on it in white block letters.’
    • ‘I helped them with associations of raised letters or block letters that they like to draw.’
    • ‘The girls looked over Dodger's shoulder as he drew something that resembled a block letter L.’
    • ‘She had written her name, in large ballpoint-blue, block letters.’
    • ‘It's printed in a really charming block letter font, as if it were done by hand, with different little flowers amidst the lettering.’
    • ‘He asked and forgot my (for him) exotic name so many times that I wrote it in large block letters on a scrap of paper to which he referred at least ten times.’
    • ‘Permanent posters with symbols and ‘No Smoking’ labels in red block letters should be employed.’
    • ‘The beautiful block letters are not easy for him to write.’
    • ‘He responded to my Web site solicitation by e-mailing me in huge blue block letters: ‘CALL ME IMMEDIATELY.’’
    • ‘The title of the work, French for exiled, appears in black block letters on a video monitor.’
    • ‘He nods, turned and walked away, revealing ‘SECURITY’ in big block letters across his back.’
    • ‘I also loved that Bingo had written the poems on enormous sheets of paper, probably eleven by seventeen inches, using large block letters.’
    • ‘‘Do I have the word ‘Moron’ imprinted on my forehead in huge block letters?’’