Definition of block heater in English:

block heater


  • 1British A storage heater.

    • ‘Think of the extra costs eg. new coats, boots, thermal underwear, block heaters that we each individually would have to bear.’
    • ‘So I had a 16 block storage/convector heater in the lounge and a 16 block heater in the hall.’
  • 2North American A device for heating the engine block of a vehicle.

    • ‘While I'm on the winter kick, it would also be nice if the dealer offered block heaters.’
    • ‘If you live in Alaska, does the air conditioning package help you, or if you live in Florida, do you really need the block heater?’
    • ‘Use a block heater in winter to pre-warm your car engine.’
    • ‘The block heater is plugged into electricity to keep the coolant circulating so in the morning the engine isn't frozen up.’
    • ‘Most states don't get cold enough to plug in the block heater on your diesel.’
    • ‘When it's really cold I plug in the block heater so I can start my excavator in the morning.’