Definition of block grant in English:

block grant


  • A grant from central government which a local authority can allocate to a wide range of services.

    • ‘When the block grant was created six years ago, it came with three goals: moving welfare mothers into jobs, reducing out-of-wedlock births, and promoting marriage.’
    • ‘Welfare is now a block grant, not an entitlement.’
    • ‘Further funds have also been allocated by way of discretionary block grant, a special block grant for footpath/carriageway restoration, low cost safety grants and road worker training grants.’
    • ‘The Borough Council have received a block grant of €200,000, with a grant of €340,000 for carriageway/footpath repairs.’
    • ‘And so months of debate are spent on the distribution of the block grant allocated by the Treasury - a process which would have taken previous secretaries of state two days.’
    • ‘Of course, the Executive is tied to the global block grant that Scotland gets.’
    • ‘One solution would be to provide the project or cooperative subsidies in the form of a block grant, in order to maintain the housing as affordable.’
    • ‘Republicans originally wanted to combine the two programs into a larger block grant.’
    • ‘Each region would also receive a single block grant from central government, to spend as it pleased.’
    • ‘Money will now be paid directly to the Environment Agency via a block grant, rather than funding going through local authorities.’
    • ‘Georgia, which has a pre-kindergarten program for all 4-year-olds, for example, would be a prime candidate for a block grant.’
    • ‘The base grant, the block grant we get for research has never kept up sufficiently for us to provide the kind of infrastructure and flexibility we want…’
    • ‘This block grant generally makes up about a fifth of the overall local authority budgets and the rest must be raised through commercial rates and local service charges.’
    • ‘The changes are being funded by a grant of €30,000 that was allocated by the Council from the annual block grant for traffic management.’
    • ‘All tax receipts now go to the UK Treasury and a block grant is handed back to Scotland.’
    • ‘The money comes as a block grant for the year and a report must be sent on how the money has been spent.’
    • ‘It wants school funding to operate entirely according to the number of pupils attending, rather than a block grant regardless of popularity.’
    • ‘Each higher education institution is allocated a block grant that includes quality related research funding.’
    • ‘He described the allocation of the block grant as ‘one of the most depressing moments for me in this Council chamber.’’
    • ‘She said that council had been given a block grant of $60,000 and also received annual grants of $5,000 from the State Government for maintenance of wharves in their municipality.’