Definition of blobby in English:



  • See blob

    • ‘And with construction catching up to the imagination of architects, the curved and blobby shapes of these designs are becoming more and more realistic every day.’
    • ‘Place a plastic sieve over the bowl and push the eggs and bramble purée through the sieve, so that any blobby bits of the white and all the bramble pips remain in the sieve.’
    • ‘These peculiar blobby silhouettes will surely provoke breathless imaginations.’
    • ‘Inside the ball was something, something blobby, something with legs, something possibly (but not definitely) dead.’
    • ‘Because Chennai's skyline is low, the sky was very big - blobby clouds lit by a full moon.’
    • ‘My nose just kind of sat there, kind of blobby, unmistakably hereditary, a little bit wonky and sort of round.’