Definition of blitzed in English:



North American
  • Intoxicated by drink or drugs.

    ‘we're all hanging out getting blitzed as usual’
    • ‘But if somebody is bent on getting blitzed, no policy is 100 percent foolproof in stopping a drunk from getting behind the wheel.’
    • ‘The conversations will last no more than five minutes, discussing Napoleon's short stature, and then everyone can, at long last, get blitzed on the merlot.’
    • ‘They appeared even redder than before and were totally blitzed.’
    • ‘"What does she do when she gets blitzed?"’
    • ‘The streets of our cities are awash with ne'er-do-wells blitzed on pints of binge.’
    • ‘I met quite a few girlfriends drunk at parties that I would have never attended without being blitzed.’
    • ‘"I haven't been slaving in this kitchen since 9 a.m. so you could go out and get blitzed and eye the bimbos," I said.’
    • ‘He'd gotten blitzed at Tacky's Tavern and came home at bar time smelling like a brewery.’
    • ‘A mate phoned me up to go out - I went to the Garage and got absolutely blitzed.’
    • ‘They can be blitzed with huge amounts of chemicals.’
    • ‘I look pretty happy and at peace there, except I was actually completely blitzed on morphine and praying to go to sleep.’
    • ‘One large bottle will get you completely blitzed.’
    • ‘The single player game begins with Conker getting impossibly blitzed and stumbling out into a dark starry night.’
    • ‘I saw a reincarnation of Joey Ramone who was so blitzed that he was finally dragged out by his ankles.’
    • ‘"So we're all hanging out getting blitzed as usual.’
    • ‘Lots and lots of stout-hearted drunkards got blitzed on mead thousands of years before beer or grain alcohol appeared on the scene.’
    • ‘True co-dependency is achieved when he hooks up with Jen, a girlfriend who also gets regularly blitzed.’
    • ‘I do however go out and get blitzed far too often, and wake up the next day feeling rotten having spent a lot of money!’
    • ‘They frowned on His Devilishness because he was easy-going, slothful, frequently blitzed out of his head, and interested only in pleasure.’
    • ‘I got quite thoroughly blitzed and Justina was drunk enough to read palms.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
    intoxicated, inebriated, on drugs, drugged, stupefied, befuddled, delirious, hallucinating
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