Definition of blister beetle in English:

blister beetle


  • A beetle that, when alarmed, secretes a substance that causes blisters. The larvae are typically parasites of other insects.

    Lytta and other genera, family Meloidae: several species. See also Spanish fly

    • ‘Because blister beetle larvae feed on grasshopper eggs, there is often an increase in areas of high grasshopper populations.’
    • ‘But blister beetles aren't all bad; they also feed on grasshopper eggs.’
    • ‘The University doesn't recommend blister beetle treatment because the dead beetles, which are still toxic, remain in the field.’
    • ‘Mylabris, the dried body of the Chinese blister beetle, has been used as a folk medicine for more than 2000 years.’
    • ‘In average seasons, velvet bean has proved itself to be remarkably free from disease and insect pests, although blister beetles may eat the flowers.’