Definition of blissfully in English:



  • 1In a manner characterized by extreme happiness or joy.

    ‘they are blissfully in love’
    ‘tucked up in bed, blissfully asleep’
    • ‘He enlists the art-house talents of Maggie and Tony, cinema's most blissfully yearning on-screen couple.’
    • ‘They remain unchallenged and blissfully satisfied because the fundamental principles that guide the creation of their music remain unquestioned.’
    • ‘Othello arrives and is blissfully reunited with Desdemona before confirming the destruction of the Turkish fleet.’
    • ‘The story is of a French army captain and his wife, who are blissfully married.’
    • ‘My oxygen lackadaisically floats away while I meander blissfully along the last few yards of the surface leading to Everest's crest.’
    • ‘They are, as all honeymooners should be, blissfully happy.’
    • ‘Later, while working as a dairymaid on a prosperous farm, she becomes blissfully engaged to the clergyman's son.’
    • ‘We're expected to blissfully nod our heads in acceptance of the entertainment, as every single main character dies a miserable, painful death.’
    • ‘A blissfully smiling woman reclines on the bed, pregnant, her mate's hand on her belly.’
    • ‘He is blissfully shocked to see his son alive and well.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that provides perfect happiness or great joy.
      ‘the inn was blissfully peaceful’
      • ‘The postwar B-Westerns, as well as many A-Westerns, are blissfully free of complicating elements.’
      • ‘There is nothing about this movie that is not blissfully, wonderfully, beautifully perfect.’
      • ‘They promote the wonderfully marginal activities of filmmakers who prefer to make work blissfully free of societal constraints.’
      • ‘In one painting, the deity is depicted in a blissfully radiant, gloriously energetic dance.’
      • ‘These kids embody a "Bright Future" that is blissfully ambiguous.’
      • ‘No other film this year was so blissfully liberating in its attempt to represent Love and Lust through a structural dichotomy.’
      • ‘Paul's career seems to have been blissfully free from crisis.’
      • ‘He created a blissfully vacant paradise—a surreal world populated by models busying themselves doing nothing on the sand.’
      • ‘This vastly successful satire is stamped with the unmistakable and blissfully frivolous brand of South Park humor.’
      • ‘Blissfully photographed in glorious, widescreen tableaux, March of the Penguins is a natural high.’
    2. 1.2 In a way that shows a lack of knowledge or understanding of something bad.
      ‘I was blissfully unaware of the financial consequences’
      ‘there's something to be said for being blissfully ignorant’
      • ‘The film's amiable but lackadaisical hero is blissfully unconcerned by his lack of money or prospects.’
      • ‘This $24-billion-a-year division has sailed along on a river of ink-cartridge profits, remaining blissfully detached from the problems at the computer units.’
      • ‘On the face of it, Emma appears blissfully untouched by the storm brewing within the "fictitious system."’
      • ‘In one room, children blissfully skip rope, ignoring the water-filled rooms upstairs and the burning attic.’
      • ‘Sometimes it seems less exhausting to plead ignorance and keep our pretty little heads blissfully in the sand.’
      • ‘They are blissfully ignorant of conditions in these factories.’
      • ‘To read his edition, however, is to be blissfully unaware of these problems.’
      • ‘The children seem to be happy at the center, blissfully unconscious of their condition.’
      • ‘She is terrific as the blissfully naive Louise.’
      • ‘He is the kiddie crooner who hypnotizes them into blissfully oblivious states of mental inertia.’