Definition of blipvert in English:



  • A television advert of a few seconds' duration.

    • ‘I remember blipverts were commercials that made your head explode.’
    • ‘And now I'd like your comment on the revolutionary form of advertising called… blipverts.’
    • ‘In 1997, the producers commissioned six artists to make forty-five second blipverts for the cinema which were seen by nearly 750,000 people during 1997/8.’
    • ‘The network dominates the airwaves through its use of blipverts, which compress thirty seconds of commercial information into three seconds.’
    • ‘I saw something like blipverts in the late 80s, TV commercials that flashed a series of images by so quickly that your mind wasn't given time to recognize the image, and accept or reject it.’
    • ‘As he got closer to the nasty little secret, the inventor of the blipverts decided that he must be eliminated.’
    • ‘Hi to you if you have come here via my new blipverts.’