Definition of blintze in English:



  • A thin rolled pancake filled with cheese or fruit and then fried or baked.

    • ‘Ask everyone to bring a dish that reflects his or her family roots and watch what shows up on the table: everything from Alabama BBQ to cheese blintzes, corn pudding to quesadillas.’
    • ‘He fantasized that the inedible slop was his mother's blintzes with raspberries and cream.’
    • ‘Like everyone noticed your cheese blintzes at the Christmas party.’
    • ‘She spoke Yiddish, made blintzes from scratch, and devoutly attended Friday night services every Shabbat.’
    • ‘She dreamed of getting married, resigning her job, staying home and decorating a living room and baking bobka and cooking blintzes and kreplach, just like her mother.’


From Yiddish blintse, from Russian blinets ‘little pancake’; compare with blini.