Definition of blindingly in English:



  • 1usually as submodifier In a very bright and dazzling way that is likely to cause temporary loss of vision.

    ‘blindingly white beams of light’
    ‘it started out blindingly sunny on Sunday morning’
    • ‘At some point, that pair of ratty cutoffs is going to have to be removed, showing one's backside, thighs, and midsection in the blindingly bright sun.’
    • ‘The blue backlighting is practically lost in bright daylight, but it is not blindingly bright in subdued lighting either.’
    • ‘The armor glittered blindingly bright in the sunshine.’
    • ‘On this blindingly bright summer day, the wind whips at her long skirt and blows tumbleweeds down the streets.’
    • ‘The gulls gleam blindingly when the sunlight hits their wings.’
    • ‘The girls are all in blindingly bright, sparkly dresses.’
    • ‘The colored light steals across his blindingly harsh white highlights and suffuses them with saturated and pastel hues.’
    • ‘It was one of the first blindingly bright, no-jacket-required days of spring.’
    • ‘The window blindingly reflected the fervent light from the mid-morning sun.’
    • ‘A blindingly bright and totally unexpected burst of flame sprouted from his fingers and condensed into a ball.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier Very intensely; extremely.
      ‘the reason is blindingly obvious’
      • ‘The secretary of state's position on costs is really blindingly simple.’
      • ‘Are you addicted to blindingly boring surfing punctuated by the occasional interesting hit?’
      • ‘I'm blindingly exhausted, and I'm not thinking cleverly enough to ask your indulgence as a writer.’
      • ‘These are perfect examples of statements by blindingly successful people.’
      • ‘Every one-liner out of her mouth is apparently some blindingly hilarious quip worthy of quoting for the ages.’
      • ‘The movie has a natural intelligence all of its own, resulting in some blindingly insightful and reflective dialogue.’
      • ‘His closest aides were either blindingly loyal, or coolly pragmatic.’
      • ‘If you lose, you have to tell her how you feel in a blindingly romantic manner.’
      • ‘The smaller, quicker characters are simply blindingly fast.’
      • ‘Everything is so blindingly clear in mathematics.’