Definition of blind snake in English:

blind snake


  • A small burrowing insectivorous snake which lacks a distinct head and has very small inefficient eyes.

    Infraorder Scolecophidia: three families, in particular Typhlopidae, and several genera

    Also called worm snake
    • ‘Almost simultaneously a western blind snake (Leptotyphlops humilis) popped out of the nest and wriggled off into the night.’
    • ‘The startling discovery was that as we kept coming back to this island over two or three years we kept finding the same blind snakes which we'd marked.’
    • ‘A rare blind snake has been rediscovered in Madagascar a century after its last sighting.’
    • ‘Although there's not a trace left on the outside, boas, pythons, and blind snakes all have completely useless vestigial hipbones buried in their bodies.’
    • ‘Depending on their size - which can range from a 2-inch blind snake to a 38-foot green anaconda, snakes' carnivorous diets range from mice, rats, fish, frogs and eggs to small deer, crocodiles and even other snakes.’