Definition of Blind Freddie in English:

Blind Freddie

(also Blind Freddy)


  • An imaginary person supposed to have little or no perception:

    ‘it was obvious to Blind Freddie that there was no real impediment to air safety’
    • ‘Surely even blind freddie could've seen that it was a big chance to end up in controversy.’
    • ‘So if you aren't suited to the person you are going to marry, but you do anyway, then get divorced, even Blind Freddie could have told you it wouldn't have worked.’
    • ‘Deane built a reputation as a guru, on the strength of what Blind Freddy could have done from a one-wheeled wheelchair.’
    • ‘This carrot will need to be genetically modified and fiscally enhanced if Blind Freddie is to spot it in the murk and gloom that is starting to settle upon Options for Change in a painfully long period of information blackout.’
    • ‘I mean, blind Freddy could’ve seen that we were being completely dominated in the midfield.’


1940s: said to be from the name of a Sydney hawker.