Definition of blimey in English:


(also cor blimey)


  • Used to express surprise, excitement, or alarm.

    • ‘Well, we just type Greyhounds in the search engine and… blimey!’
    • ‘His sidekick Carolyn's idea of investigating something allegedly paranormal was to squeak, ‘Oops, blimey!’’
    • ‘Babel earns Holland a corner to force the entire stadium onto the edge of their seats, but Cocu's header is completely aimless… cor blimey!’
    • ‘It was a mixed crowd, enlivened by a mother, daughter and son-in-law from Devon - blimey, the mother-in-law could put those beers away…’
    • ‘At one point, he actually says, ‘I'd love a cuppa tea’ - cor blimey!’
    • ‘Blimey, that's Erik Satie, innit?’
    • ‘But blimey, look's who's number 27 in category number 28!’
    • ‘‘Oh, god, blimey, no,’ is Ben's enthusiastic response to my inquiry as to whether it's a little early for him.’
    • ‘Already on the bill were The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Buzzcocks and The Vibrators… blimey!’
    • ‘The theatre staff said that it was the first time that an unknown company had done that in the history of their theatre - blimey!’
    • ‘When you see Charles Kennedy saying he's tired after a day looking after the baby - blimey, what does he think women are doing all day?’
    • ‘So, well, cor blimey, what an honour to have one's work showcased by the BBC.’
    • ‘Back in Britain the young, northern, alternative-rock squad is once again on the rise with a slew of bands you've never heard of - The Music, The Coral and, blimey, something called Nylon Pylon - waiting in the wings.’
    • ‘You know you're back in London when you're on the phone and the person you're talking to says, without irony, ‘Oh, blimey.’’
    • ‘‘We were talking earlier about warts,’ announces Gareth, and then… oh, blimey, plays Ronan Keating.’
    • ‘Yes, there's a feeling of ‘Oh, blimey, this is my last official ‘night out’ in the city centre’ kind of thing, but I don't do that all that often anyway.’
    • ‘Sometimes I look at him and I think, ‘Oh blimey!’’
    • ‘I'm deserting my desk, my keyboard and my responsibilities for seven whole days - the first holiday since… blimey, Lithuania, I think.’
    • ‘And, blimey, things have changed (and not always for the better).’
    • ‘I've got to admit to being a bit taken a back when I saw my first cash machine inside a club, but blimey, I'm in Cruz 101, a full-on gay club, with some chums, and there's this free internet access!’


Late 19th century: altered form of ( God) blind (or blame) me!.