Definition of blewit in English:


(also blewits)


  • An edible European mushroom with a pale buff or lilac cap and a lilac stem.

    Genus Lepista, family Tricholomataceae, class Hymenomycetes: several species, including common blewit (L. saeva) and wood blewit (L. nuda)

    • ‘Look for the blewit in composted soil and evergreen debris from late summer through late fall throughout North America (or late fall to late winter in California).’
    • ‘It's just the tail end of the edible fungi season and Helen goes foraging with local hotelier Eric Hart looking for ceps, puffballs, winter chanterelles (known as yellowlegs), and blewits with their distinctive scent of Parma violets.’
    • ‘Thus the blewit, cep, and even the common field mushroom have harmful relations.’
    • ‘Forager charges fairly hefty prices for its wares: a flat rate of £15 per kilogram box, whether it be full of grey field blewit mushrooms, or a spicy and piquant selection of wood sorrel, wild chervil and dandelion leaves.’
    • ‘Scotland produces all sorts of edible wild mushrooms - parasols, horse mushrooms, field mushrooms and wood blewits to name but a few - but you must be sure of what they are before eating them or you could end up in hospital or worse.’


Early 19th century: probably from blue.