Definition of bless your (or his/her/their) little cotton socks in English:

bless your (or his/her/their) little cotton socks


  • Used as an expression of endearment.

    ‘you're so sweet, bless your little cotton socks’
    • ‘Clive and Tommy, bless their little cotton socks thought that he was going to be killing us and they would have front row seats.’
    • ‘Bless her little cotton socks, she says it a lot.’
    • ‘"Sounds as if Asmodeus is kinda busy, though, bless his little cotton socks, soat least you're spared, you know, his real up close and personal attention."’
    • ‘You just have to admit he tries hard, Bless his little cotton socks.’
    • ‘Well, bless my little cotton socks, it works!’
    • ‘Guy (bless his little cotton socks) stepped into the breach and made a few calls.’
    • ‘The official history of the short story is written by the professors of English Literature, God bless their little cotton socks.’
    • ‘As I mentioned, the latest administration (God bless their little cotton socks) has reacted rather strongly to this.’
    • ‘Then as we were able to run we came out on a road and there were the walkers so they could short cut bless their little cotton socks.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the little beauty that is amplifier has continued to function throughout, bless its little cotton socks.’