Definition of blesbok in English:



  • An antelope with a mainly reddish-brown coat and white face, found in south-western South Africa. It belongs to the same species as the bontebok.

    Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi, family Bovidae

    • ‘A number of animals - zebras, blesbok, hartebeest, wildebeest and mountain reedbuck - were introduced to the reserve in September.’
    • ‘As summer rains began to fall, black wildebeest, perhaps a million of them, would trek south from winter pastures in the northeast, joined at times by springbok, blesbok and quagga.’
    • ‘Popular species hunted were common blesbok, southern impala, East Cape kudu and common springbok.’
    • ‘I have just completed a Bok-killing (that should be buck-killing) exercise - courtesy of the Free State Rugby Union at Chesas Peak game lodge, a delightful venue for serious hunters of springbok, rooibok and blesbok.’
    • ‘She said they now catch their own blesbok, a medium-size African antelope.’
    • ‘They have already introduced thousands of head of game including black rhino, elephant, disease-free buffalo, zebra, giraffe, springbok, blesbok and antelope.’
    • ‘Also on sale were Burchell's zebra, warthog, blue and black wildebeest, lechwe, waterbuck, eland, impala, bontebok, gemsbok, kudu, ostrich, red and blue hartebeest, blesbok, springbok, and mountain reedbuck.’
    • ‘At the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve, Free State zoologist and black wildebeest expert Savvas Vrahimis wistfully surveys a panorama of wildlife: some 200 blesbok, a herd of springbok and 150 black wildebeest.’
    • ‘He also established game on the farm - wildebeest, zebra, blesbok, duiker and jackals.’
    • ‘In September game was introduced to Klipriviersberg, a 615-hectare reserve 11 kilometres south of the city: five zebras, five blesbok, four red hartebeest, six black wildebeest and 12 mountain reedbuck.’
    • ‘The Reserve is stocked with small game - blesbok, mountain reebok, duiker, klipspringer and steenbok, as well as the small creatures: mongoose, tortoise and genet.’


Early 19th century: from Afrikaans, from Dutch bles ‘blaze’ (because of the white mark on its forehead) + bok ‘buck’.