Definition of bleeder in English:



  • 1British informal with adjective A person regarded with contempt or pity.

    ‘the poor bleeder split his head open’
    • ‘With the willing but wholly inept assistance of Mark the Squaddie, with infinite effort, the little bleeders were successfully returned to Stalag Sheep.’
    • ‘This plan is basically the same format: get the little bleeders to prepare for a career as bureaucrats by writing some rules.’
    • ‘If we let too many of the bleeders in 'ere, they'll all be on the first train back to London.’
    • ‘In my day, when a footballer went six feet in the air it's because he was propelled there by some sadistic bleeder of a full-back.’
    • ‘If we're running ourselves ragged catering for our children's every emotional and physical need, you'd think the ungrateful little bleeders would be living in clover.’
    • ‘Like the little bleeders are going to say no, hahaha.’
    • ‘Children were running berserk using the place as an adventure playground while their parents screeched, ‘Wayne and Tracy, get down off that wardrobe, you little bleeders, or I'll belt you!’’
    • ‘5.00 am and the bleeder starts - about 10 moos a minute by my reckoning - and doesn't stop, at all, ever.’
    • ‘Romani admitted that he's a bit of bleeder and that Domi's wife got the best of him.’
    • ‘Nosy bleeder that I am, I looked to see what he was writing.’
    • ‘I caught one of the little bleeders and took it home to show Uncle Q.’
    • ‘I'd say something about how I found this gig a bit disappointing, but I hear that the guy in the middle gets his mates together to beat people up who dis the bleeders on the internet.’
    • ‘I want to see 10,000 of the little bleeders in the trench, dead, by 1700 hours at the latest.’
    • ‘Well yes, all right, he did admire the plucky little bleeder.’
    • ‘However, I was surprised to hear her response when the receptionists had shouted that it was my partner's half day and that only I was available: ‘I don't want to see that bleeder Dr Crown, he's bloody useless.’’
    • ‘The dog has turned into a vicious little bleeder and I'm out of friends right about now.’
    • ‘As any football manager will tell you, if you do not do what needs doing yourself, no other bleeder will do it.’
    • ‘When he wants to be, my beloved can be a contrary, stubborn bleeder.’
    • ‘Said Tough: ‘Look mate, we're not havin' all those bleeders in 'ere.’’
    • ‘‘Ah just canna find where the bleeders got in,’ he grunted.’
  • 2informal A person who bleeds easily, especially a haemophiliac.

    • ‘Anyway, we call these things that we fill our pockets with bleeder kits - we're all trying to be like Batman with his cool belt, seeing how many cool medical doodads we can place on our person.’
    • ‘One who suffers from the terrible tendency to bleed on slight contact, which is denoted by the term ‘a bleeder,’ cannot complain if he mixes with the crowd and suffers severely, perhaps fatally, from being merely brushed against.’
    • ‘GI bleeders will feel faint, have weakness, may have shortness of breath, will sweat, and can have confusion or seizures.’
    • ‘Also, I would advise a towel or similar at night if you are a very heavy bleeder, or setting your alarm the way one used to you at 12 or 13 when you were still getting used to the whole process.’
    • ‘So I took my seat among the masses of cripples, ill, and bleeders.’
    • ‘I was just going to compliment her when she exclaimed, dabbing the pin-prick with a pad of astringent, ‘Oh, you're a bleeder!’’
    • ‘He was a bleeder who suffered frequent joint haemorrhages.’
    • ‘He was always what they call ‘a bleeder,’ a puncher who leads with his face and usually gets cut to ribbons by the time the first couple of rounds are over.’
    • ‘I'm a bleeder, someone just has to speak to me sharply and I'm gushing pints, so no blood means hopefully no big deal.’
    • ‘I've seen bleeders, and they're gushing because they got hit right in the vein, and I mean they're almost passing out, and here comes the supply guy again, with the bleach, to clean the blood off the floor, but the chain never stops.’
  • 3Baseball
    A ground ball hit that barely passes between two infielders.

    • ‘When used in nonsave situations, Escobar seemed frustrated by bleeps, infield-in bleeders and an inability to put hitters away with two strikes.’
    • ‘Bobby Abreu worked the count full then hit a bleeder up the middle to bring up Alex Rodriguez.’
    • ‘As they say, even cripple bleeder singles look like line drives in the next day's box scores.’
    • ‘The shortstop walked and the rightfielder outran an infield bleeder to pack the sacks.’
    • ‘‘Let's try a nice little bleeder to the right,’ he says.’