Definition of bleb in English:



  • 1A small blister on the skin.

    • ‘We also frequently observed bulging blebs of cuticle.’
    • ‘In the early stages of the disease the alveolar walls appear perfectly normal while in the later stages, fibrosis of the alveolar wall with blebs and bullae is common.’
    • ‘Data recorded for all patients included the number of episodes of pneumothorax, the operative time, and the presence of blebs or bullae.’
    • ‘Conjunctivitis in a patient with a drainage bleb should always be treated promptly, as it increases the risk of infection entering the eye (endophthalmitis).’
    • ‘Peripheral pulmonary blebs may occur when the regulated process of lung growth is altered.’
    • ‘Interestingly, there were no other lesions (i.e., blebs or bullae) present.’
    • ‘Bullae or blebs were identified and grasped with an empty sponge stick.’
    • ‘These lesions can progress to larger nodules, causing the formation of blebs and consequently leading to pneumothorax.’
    • ‘COPD patients can also develop large bullae and blebs that may rupture, leading to increased risk for a pneumothorax.’
    • ‘Complications related to pleuroscopy included three instances of bleeding, eight of torn blebs, and five cases of subcutaneous emphysema.’
    • ‘These defects include holes and blebs on the central tendinous portion of the diaphragm.’
    • ‘A chest CT scan revealed blebs, and the static lung compliance was elevated, suggesting early emphysema.’
    • ‘The surgeon can thoracoscopically visualize the full pleura, staple or resect blebs, apply electrocautery, laser, resect pleura or instill sclerosant (usually talc).’
    • ‘Another morphologic appearance that was observed in two patients is a bleb of air dissecting into the wall of the cyst, giving it the shape of a ring; we have termed it the signet ring sign.’
    • ‘No mucosal involvement, blebs or bullae were apparent, and the patient gave no history of any recent use of external or internal agents that might explain the rash.’
    • ‘We found that the recurrences were more frequent in patients in whom no blebs or bullae were identified.’
    • ‘Antimetabolites are used to decrease the likelihood of fibrosis and scar formation in blebs and to increase the success rate of infiltration.’
    • ‘There has been a single case report of recurrent pneumothorax in a 26-year-old man with a non-Duchenne muscular dystrophy on nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation who had subpleural blebs.’
    • ‘Eighty-eight percent of the blebs or bullae identified intraoperatively were demonstrated on preoperative CT scans.’
    • ‘Emphysematous blebs may be a source of diagnostic confusion.’
    1. 1.1 A small bubble in glass or in a fluid.
      • ‘I like the bleb on the water... this photo is very real, as I think it is talking to me.’
      • ‘A bleb of glass with clinopyroxene and plagioclase is located below and to the right of the large plagioclase phenocryst.’
      • ‘Didn't think much of it after, though, until I came back to my parking spot and found the tyre nearly flat (still whistling air) and a small, mysterious bleb of oil under the car.’
      • ‘Place the glass bleb flat-side down on top of the glue drop on the front of the Mars picture, pressing down to spread the glue, and centering the bleb.’
      • ‘But I noticed that some of the rims have some manufacturer's flaws - one has a small bleb of extra glass and another has a slightly uneven rim.’
    2. 1.2Biology A rounded outgrowth on the surface of a cell.
      • ‘The calculated membrane strains were in good agreement with experimentally observed and predicted strains in aspirated blebs from red blood cells.’
      • ‘The appearance of numerous tiny blebs on the cellular membrane was observed.’
      • ‘In our study the appearance of plasma membrane blebs occurred at progressively lower fluences as the fluence rate was reduced, and there appeared to be a correlation between the extent of bleaching and damage.’
      • ‘Plasma membrane blebs and cytoskeletal disruptions occur in association with intercellular and intracellular gaps exposing basement membrane.’
      • ‘A few cells have numerous tiny blebs on the cell membrane and orange nuclei colored with EtBr, which indicates some disturbance of the plasma membrane permeability.’


Early 17th century: variant of blob.