Definition of bleah in English:



North American
  • Used to express disgust.

    ‘bleah, my hands are all gross from bathtub cleaning’
    ‘Beans on toast? Bleah!’
    • ‘I dropped her and Sophie off at the airport at 5:45 this morning - bleah.’
    • ‘Today we're going out with Anne and John (bleah I know it's her brother but he is just creepy and fat).’
    • ‘Bleah what disgusting news.’
    • ‘I'm coming to dislike the taste of what they have done with margarine and these 'healthy spreads'. Bleah!’
    • ‘I mean, I want to dance but bleah, dancing with my mom is so ew.’
    • ‘The sweet potato fries were just okay and dusted with sugar rather than salt - bleah.’
    • ‘If the song is a 9th grade "if only she'd see me" thing, bleah.’
    • ‘I took one look at that deep dish pizza and went "bleah".’
    • ‘I did jettison the chickpea salad (bleah!) but, other than that, I ate what was on my menu.’
    • ‘Sore throat and fever, bleah, bleah, bleah.’


1960s: probably imitative of the sound of gagging or retching.