Definition of bleaching powder in English:

bleaching powder


mass noun
  • A powder containing calcium hypochlorite, used chiefly to remove colour from materials.

    • ‘He said the department had already made available bleaching powder to those concerned.’
    • ‘Put one teaspoon of the bleaching powder in the bottle 600 ml of water.’
    • ‘In India alone it has already distributed 6,000 water storage tanks, 32 million tonnes of bleaching powder and three million chlorine tablets.’
    • ‘The filtered water is then treated with bleaching powder to get rid of bacterial impurities.’
    • ‘If iron content is high in well water, it can be treated with bleaching powder, we are told.’
    • ‘They are kept in water mixed with some chemicals for a day and later sun-dried on getting washed with bleaching powder.’
    • ‘The ‘Subitcham’, an organisation run by parents of the mentally ill, trains the mentally ill in the production of candles, bleaching powder and notebooks.’
    • ‘Even bleaching powder would not be available in public health centres for putting in well water.’
    • ‘On 10th July 1999 the container ship Djakarta suffered an explosion and her voyage had to be abandoned; the explosion was attributable to two containers containing bleaching powder.’
    • ‘An ophthalmic surgeon, Mohan Rajan, explains that bleaching powder is nothing but alkali, and it penetrates the external layers of the eyeball and results in the total opacity of the cornea.’