Definition of blazonry in English:



mass nounHeraldry
  • 1The art of describing or painting heraldic devices or armorial bearings.

    • ‘This aspect of the work of the herald is armory and it is necessary to learn the language of blazonry.’
    • ‘The main blazonry rule is that a color cannot be placed on a color and a metal cannot be placed on a metal.’
    • ‘Look for a simple text on heraldry by someone like A C Fox-Davies or J P Brooke-Little if you want to go into blazonry further.’
    • ‘Even with ‘traditional’ flag design there are places where heraldic blazonry is unable to describe a flag precisely, and we have to fall back on other methods.’
    • ‘You will use the knowledge of heraldry and blazonry taught to you at great pains (mostly yours) by your father's herald to identify other characters and know them for friend or foe.’
    1. 1.1treated as plural Heraldic devices or armorial bearings.
      • ‘It was felt by the heraldic writers of the time that such heavenly blazonry should be reserved for the highest nobility.’
      • ‘The blazon must conform to the Composition Rules of Blazonry, which have evolved throughout history.’
      crest, emblem, heraldic device, coat of arms, armorial bearing, insignia, escutcheon, shield, heraldry
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