Definition of blazingly in English:



  • See blazing

    • ‘But it would be massively obtuse not to acknowledge the grotesque and terrible injustice the Magdalene Laundries represented, and what a blazingly and compellingly powerful indictment this film is.’
    • ‘It's a cliché because it's so blazingly prevalent.’
    • ‘Next I needed a respectably Cajun rendition of ‘Jole Blon,’ a blazingly fast waltz that has left me gasping more than once and hanging on to my partner.’
    • ‘Note also that the song is sung by a guy who is meant to be not only blazingly sexy but deep and artistic as well, and yet he does not have the girl, nor does he drown his sorrows in the thousands of other women potentially available to him.’
    • ‘Slant Magazine, meanwhile, hailed it for being ‘so uniquely and blazingly authentic’, while the New York Times felt that ‘the Vargas casting is magical’.’
    • ‘I fall for any woman who is under 5', weighs about 100 lbs., and is blazingly intelligent.’
    • ‘Of course, if it had rained I'd probably not have appreciated it quite so much - but it's blazingly hot, so all's well.’
    • ‘Normally at this point in the day, we'd provide you with a set of blazingly accurate Christmas Number One betting odds.’
    • ‘Quantum computers have the potential to be blazingly fast because a string of quantum bits, or qubits, that store the ones and zeros of computer information can represent all the numbers possible within that string at once.’
    • ‘They aren't blazingly fast, but can get schoolwork done - and should be enough for their day-to-day needs.’
    • ‘Of course after slaving away for hours on this I find the basic concept is now blazingly obvious all over the better part of the blogosphere, as for instance at Atrios.’
    • ‘The legendary T.G.V. of Bangalore University: blazingly articulate, fastidiously stylish and passionately, fatally, devoted to his students.’
    • ‘Crucially, most of the kiosks also emit a WiFi signal, so that anyone within a couple of hundred yards can whip out a laptop or PDA and enjoy blazingly fast broadband.’
    • ‘In sum, there isn't one dud piece in this blazingly honest gem of an anthology.’
    • ‘During the last song, he draped the material over the entire band, and I was mesmerised by the vision of an undulating, pulsating white mass blazingly lit up by the stage lights of the Van East Cultural Centre.’
    • ‘Ravello's other great garden, the strict-tempo but blazingly colourful Villa Rufolo, hosts a distinguished concert season that runs right through to the end of October.’
    • ‘By offering too many formatting options it adds several steps to what used to be a blazingly fast and simple tool.’
    • ‘He's blazingly honest, and he doesn't get embarrassed easily.’
    • ‘Even among us humans, we can train ourselves to look away, to not see, to not hear, to not notice the blazingly obvious statements of people who, whether we like it or not, really believe in God.’
    • ‘He was blazingly fast, had a quick stick, could stop on a dime, had the hardest shot in the game, and was easily capable of racking up 15-20 goals in three 5-minute periods.’