Definition of blazar in English:



  • A type of quasar that is an intense, irregularly variable source of highly polarized light, thought to arise from a plasma jet pointing in the direction of the earth.

    ‘at the blazar's heart is a supersized black hole with a mass millions to billions of times that of the sun’
    • ‘In early April, the blazar Markarian 421 had an episode of extreme activity, brightening by more than 50 times its typical level.’
    • ‘These blazars emit gamma rays, but not all of them reach Earth.’
    • ‘What makes a blazar so bright is that one of these particle jets happens to be aimed almost straight at us.’
    • ‘In this study, the researchers focused on distinctive galaxies called blazars, which are several billion light years away.’
    • ‘To match the amount of energy given off by a typical blazar in one second, the sun must shine for 317,000 years.’


1980s: from blaze, on the pattern of quasar, with bl- echoing the name BL Lac object.