Definition of blatantness in English:



mass noun
  • The condition of being completely obvious.

    ‘the blatantness of the injustices’
    ‘the arrival points of the plot have the blatantness of parody’
    • ‘But the film has such blatantness about it at too many points - it spoils the fun.’
    • ‘You'd think some shred of conscience, honesty or shame would at least limit the pure blatantness.’
    • ‘Despite the title's accurate blatantness, I went in confident that the talent involved was assurance enough that this would not be the mean-spirited romp that it sounds like it would otherwise be.’
    • ‘The audience at our screening laughed out loud at the blatantness of the cliches, delivered with complete earnestness.’
    • ‘The blatantness of its rhetorical devices and the perverseness of its address create discomfort for serious theorists.’
    • ‘His blatantness would only serve to alienate the swing voters.’