Definition of blat in English:


verbblatted, blats, blatting

[no object]North American
  • 1Make a bleating sound.

    ‘horsemen on ugly steeds, grunting and blatting and howling’
    • ‘But do remember, after you are done honking and blatting in cyberspace, that nothing you say will make any difference.’
    • ‘It's some bureaucrat blatting off the top of his head.’
    • ‘A half-dozen scrawny sheep blatted at the travelers’ approach.’
    • ‘But when the pair of sheep were driven off, blatting indignantly, we found ourselves in possession of a handsome but completely surplus male Labrador.’
    baa, maa, cry, call
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  • 2 Travel quickly.

    ‘blatting down the motorway’
    • ‘Battered cars would do their best to tear up the tarmac some more as they blatted past, mufflers long-gone.’
    • ‘If I was after a new bike for blatting around town, I'd buy one of these straight off the mark.’

nounPlural blats

North American
  • A bleat or similar noise.

    ‘the blat of Jack's horn’
    • ‘Today the bleeps, bloops, and blats just sound quaint.’
    • ‘The bishop attempts to deflect attention away from the source of the problem with irresponsible and alarmist honks and blats.’


Mid 19th century: imitative.