Definition of blastodermic in English:



  • See blastoderm

    • ‘Because each blastodermic cell in an embryo is capable of dividing and multiplying, the process results in multiple developing embryos where previously there had been only one.’
    • ‘Teratomas consist of a combination of the tissues from all three blastodermic layers (ecto-, meso- and endoderm).’
    • ‘Since the intestinal epithelium and the respiratory epithelium emerge from the same blastodermic layer, it is always useful to check the relation between a disturbed intestine and diseased paranasal sinuses.’
    • ‘After development to a small blastodermic disc, the embryos enter a state of diapause that lasts approximately 7 months.’
    • ‘The source of cancer has not been determined finally, whether cellular or blastodermic.’