Definition of blaspheme in English:



  • Speak irreverently about God or sacred things:

    ‘he has blasphemed against the Holy Spirit’
    • ‘We are also managing not to blaspheme too much.’
    • ‘If you ask people to stop swearing or blaspheming, some people will silently respect you while others will go out of their way to turn the air blue.’
    • ‘What isn't said much these days - a forbidden thought much akin to blaspheming in church - is that modern democracy, as a way of governance, has problems.’
    • ‘Because Faustus has blasphemed against God in his incantations, Mephistophilis has come to see if he can claim Faustus' soul.’
    • ‘What good does it do that you believe and yet blaspheme?’
    • ‘It seemed pretty good to them; you don't go to hell for sinning or blaspheming, but your heaven isn't as good as the people who don't sin at all.’
    • ‘I appeal to everybody here not to blaspheme this sacred place with political quarrels.’
    • ‘Chesterton observed long ago that we only blaspheme what we hold sacred.’
    • ‘As the text we read this morning makes clear, death is the penalty for blaspheming and cursing God.’
    • ‘Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is a sin that won't go away - ever.’
    • ‘Already they are blaspheming and doing blasphemous things against the church.’
    • ‘They drew attention to themselves by shouting loudly and blaspheming against Allah.’
    • ‘I think that was the first time I prayed, only I wasn't praying, I was blaspheming.’
    • ‘Even Kathy was looking like she had blasphemed.’
    • ‘Moreover, he indicts his accusers for blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘He is telling them to take care, because whoever he might be who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, he will never be forgiven.’
    • ‘They are sure that the power that they wield as rulers has won the battle against this one who blasphemes.’
    • ‘He blasphemed the only sacred values of the postmodern West: skepticism, relativism, pluralism and tolerance.’
    • ‘She had come close to death more than once and had known pain so excruciating that she felt sure the demons were tempting her to blaspheme.’
    • ‘I swore softly, taking care not to blaspheme in case that increased my punishment.’
    swear, curse, utter oaths, utter profanities, take the lord's name in vain
    execrate, imprecate
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Middle English: via Old French from ecclesiastical Latin blasphemare reproach, revile, blaspheme, from Greek blasphēmein, from blasphēmos evil-speaking. Compare with blame.