Definition of blanquette in English:



  • A dish consisting of white meat in a white sauce.

    ‘a chicken blanquette’
    • ‘Not to be outdone is France with its veal blanquette, which is long-roasted to produce a pale stewed veal with the consistency of melted butter.’
    • ‘The duck breast was unaccountably submerged in red wine, and the veal blanquette was flat.’
    • ‘I'll have the blanquette de veau, and she'll have the poulet au champagne.’
    • ‘Soups, rabbit dishes, and dishes such as coq au vin, and blanquettes are often requested by those nostalgic for an era when long, slow cooking was the norm.’
    • ‘White pepper is usually used when dark specks would spoil the look of the dish, for example, in any white soups, in blanquette de veau etc.’


French, based on blanc ‘white’.