Definition of blanking plate in English:

blanking plate


  • A plate that covers an opening in a device or a wall to protect it from moisture or dust.

    • ‘Each of the PCI slots are covered with blanking plates and the rest of the case, the side panels are held in place with two thumbscrews.’
    • ‘It includes a mounting system for this in the form of a PCI blanking plate with a central hole for the dial to be mounted on.’
    • ‘If you remove a card and don't replace it with another, the hole should be closed with a blanking plate.’
    • ‘Simply pull the top green lever up, remove a blanking plate, install your cards and then replace the green lever.’
    • ‘The PCI insert is simply a blanking plate of plastic, it isn't designed to interface with the system in anyway and is there purely to hold the cooler in place.’