Definition of blankety in English:


(also blankety-blank)

noun & adjective

  • Used euphemistically to replace a word considered obscene or taboo.

    as adjective ‘it's time to ditch the blankety-blank tax code’
    • ‘These blankety-blank alarm systems are nothing but problems.’
    • ‘No calls can come in, none can go out - it effectively turns the blankety-blank cell phone off.’
    • ‘These theories might not be the result of any scientific study, but they are a little more detailed than the rationale offered most often by fans of the rival team, ‘they blankety-blank suck.’’
    • ‘His dad came over and said, ‘I love you’ and then said to get the blankety-blank out of the car.’
    • ‘What is the name of the blankety-blank biped species responsible for leaving messy spots around public toilet seats?’
    • ‘There's some truth to what he says, although saying that is just plain blankety-blank stupid.’
    • ‘I'm so sick and tired of seeing those blankety-blank motivational posters.’