Definition of blame game in English:

blame game


  • A situation in which one party blames others for something bad or unfortunate rather than attempting to seek a solution.

    ‘he elects to play the blame game but that isn't very constructive’
    • ‘This is where the blame game comes into play.’
    • ‘The blame game over the financial crisis has gone global.’
    • ‘People are starting to play the blame game.’
    • ‘If we don't win early then the blame game starts.’
    • ‘The blame game is nothing new in Washington.’
    • ‘Let's put the partisan blaming game behind us.’
    • ‘Instead both sides indulge in the easier blame game.’
    • ‘There are enough people doing finger pointing, the blame game.’
    • ‘Yesterday the party leaders played an uncompromising round of their favourite blame game.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the tack of the story has shifted slightly now our man has been found, with the blame game playing out across the world.’
    • ‘Still to come, new developments tonight in the ongoing blame game over Hurricane Katrina.’
    • ‘Without a coherent understanding of what has happened, and why, public discussion has descended into a shallow and unhelpful blame game.’
    • ‘The blame game only has losers, no winners.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, right now, all three seem to be playing the blame game.’
    • ‘The blame game in the UK has become an ingrained part of our debilitating public culture.’
    • ‘The parents are adults, not interested in the blame game.’
    • ‘Look, there will be plenty of time to play the blame game.’
    • ‘We intuitively realize that it is never really helpful to play the ' blame game '.’
    • ‘In the past few weeks the blame game for the delay has begun in earnest.’
    • ‘The media has been co-opted into playing the blame game.’