Definition of Blairite in English:



  • A supporter of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair or his policies.

    ‘she is a loyal Blairite’
    • ‘The editor says, perhaps with some poetic exaggeration, that he was the first and is now the last Blairite in Italy.’
    • ‘Such calls for a clear definition of Labour values contrasted with comments from some Blairites at the meeting.’
    • ‘Long interested in politics and a staunch Blairite and county councillor, she won the newly created seat in 1997.’
    • ‘For a Labour MP to be called a Blairite today means little in ideological terms.’
    • ‘She was joined by a loyal Blairite who had a niece about to go to university.’
    • ‘Some Blairites are in despair, arguing people around the chancellor have got a victim complex.’
    • ‘He claims he has been "a Blairite before Blair was ever heard of."’
    • ‘Some think he should challenge Brown to give Blairites a political bargaining chip.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the Blairites were not among the book's cheerleaders.’
    • ‘Senior Blairites are beginning to press the case for either the Health Secretary or the Education Secretary.’


  • Relating to or characteristic of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair or his policies.

    ‘figures from a Blairite think tank’
    • ‘The Blairite essence is there in the speech, say the party's centrists.’
    • ‘What works is best, the Blairite argument goes.’
    • ‘Then councils could have upper chambers with locally ennobled Blairite members, an appointed gentry.’
    • ‘The cheers today should be checked with a dose of Blairite humility.’
    • ‘In accepting a portfolio, he was effectively condoning the Blairite view of electoral reform.’
    • ‘She made the journey across the social democratic spectrum and is now embedded in the Blairite project.’
    • ‘Once again, there is the enduring Blairite faith in the magic of the private sector.’
    • ‘In the capital, the old Blairite stamping ground of Islington even began to return to the fold.’
    • ‘The play is about a Blairite cabinet minister whose father is an old engineering trade unionist.’
    • ‘You can see why this kind of accounting does not appeal to the Blairite circle.’