Definition of blaeberry in English:



Northern English, Scottish
  • another term for bilberry
    • ‘The grass thinned and was replaced by mosses and blaeberries.’
    • ‘Other names in use in Britain are whinberry, because the plant grows among whins; and blaeberry, ‘blae’ being a north country and Scots word for blue.’
    • ‘Heather is an important winter food while dwarf shrubs such as blaeberry provide shelter for chicks.’
    • ‘With a diet of heather shoots, wild blaeberries and insects, these small but meaty birds are packed with flavour and are fat-free.’
    • ‘Birch trees grow in extravagant excess, juniper bushes cover the floor and a rich, luxuriant undergrowth of heather, blaeberry and moss gives an impression of timelessness.’


Middle English: from Scots and northern English dialect blae ‘blackish-blue’ (from Old Norse blár, related to blue)+ berry.