Definition of blade shearing in English:

blade shearing


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • The practice of shearing sheep using hand shears, rather than a shearing machine.

    ‘blade shearing was demonstrated by the Australian champion’
    • ‘He is the new champion of traditional blade shearing at the Golden Shears sheep-shearing championship.’
    • ‘Blade shearing, on a calm day, is quieter and more pleasant for all parties involved.’
    • ‘Standard machine shearing removes all the wool from the sheep, while blade shearing leaves 10 millimetres of wool still covering the sheep.’
    • ‘Championship titles are to be decided in machine shearing, blade shearing, and wool handling.’
    • ‘Blade shearing often continued in high-country areas because it left sheep with a layer of wool for protection against the cold.’
    • ‘There are areas in the world where blade shearing retains a cost-effective advantage over machine shearing.’
    • ‘If not for Ford, blade shearing may well have died out altogether in the US.’
    • ‘She learned the traditional technique of blade shearing, using a special scissors-like tool that looks like an industrial-strength hair clipper.’
    • ‘Event features include blade shearing vs shearing machine, fleece-to-fabric-to-costumes (try some on and take photos), and the Victorian dairy (help make the butter).’
    • ‘By the early 1900s, blade shearing had all but died out in Australia.’