Definition of blade shearer in English:

blade shearer


NZ, Australian
  • A sheep shearer who uses hand shears, rather than a shearing machine.

    ‘we were able to hire experienced blade shearers’
    • ‘They represented the US as blade shearers at the World Shearing Championships in New Zealand, placing 12th and 7th, respectively.’
    • ‘An expert blade shearer must master six important points.’
    • ‘The Christchurch blade shearer has been added to the New Zealand shearing and wool-handling team to compete in Australia next weekend.’
    • ‘Blade shearers and shedhands are wanted for the next pre-lamb season.’
    • ‘The technique of a good blade shearer is to shear the sheep once only, and to leave the same wool length all over the body of the sheep.’
    • ‘These two blade shearers are at work near the mouth of the Waikato River.’
    • ‘Congratulations to Shweni, who was crowned NZ Open champion blade shearer on Saturday 3 March.’
    • ‘The first machine shearers held the sheep firmly between their knees, just as the blade shearers do.’
    • ‘The Kiwi blade shearer finishes 4th in the world final.’
    • ‘Whereas blade shearers would stretch the sheep out, his idea was to crimp the sheep up to make it as small as possible.’