Definition of blade-shear in English:



[with object]NZ, Australian
  • Shear a sheep using hand shears, rather than a shearing machine.

    ‘the show sheep were to be blade-shorn in the middle of August’
    no object ‘his teenage son was blade-shearing on the back of a wagon’
    • ‘To achieve this certificate, graduates must be able to machine-shear cross-bred wool, machine-shear fine wool, or blade-shear.’
    • ‘While most of his money is made machine-shearing, he does get the chance to blade-shear from time to time.’
    • ‘Until the introduction of machines in the 1880s, sheep were blade-shorn using hand-operated shears.’
    • ‘Learn how to blade-shear sheep and sharpen shears.’
    • ‘The competition includes tasks such as blade-shearing a sheep, pressing wool, and constructing a wooden gate.’
    • ‘The objective is to blade-shear sheep at a sustained output.’
    • ‘Even with machine shearing taking over as the main style of shearing, there are some people who still blade-shear today.’
    • ‘If you are are keen to learn how to blade-shear, don't hesitate to contact me via email.’
    • ‘People credited with this unit standard are able to catch and present sheep for shearing, apply sequence and pattern to blade-shear sheep, and identify wool faults.’
    • ‘She learned to blade-shear from a Massachusetts shearer who wrote the book (literally) on blade shearing.’