Definition of blackwater fever in English:

blackwater fever


mass noun
  • A severe form of malaria in which blood cells are rapidly destroyed, resulting in dark urine.

    • ‘The sergeant grew up at Robin Hood's Bay before joining the merchant navy and sailing to West Africa, where a bout of blackwater fever put an end to his maritime career.’
    • ‘Patients with blackwater fever were not included in the study.’
    • ‘The daily anti-malarial pill ensured that if one did get malaria, at least it was controllable and did not usually develop into either cerebral malaria or blackwater fever.’
    • ‘Diseases such as malaria were endemic, while blackwater fever, dengue fever, dysentery, yaws, and hookworms were a constant scourge.’
    • ‘When he suddenly dies from blackwater fever, a potent form of malaria, his devastated friend goes it alone.’


blackwater fever

/ˈblakwɔːtə ˌfiːvər/