Definition of blacksmith in English:



  • 1A person who makes and repairs things in iron by hand.

    • ‘It is a pity that we never thought of the thousands of cobblers, weavers or blacksmiths who were crowded out because of globalisation.’
    • ‘The film records the last blacksmiths' building of a traditional iron smelting furnace.’
    • ‘The tapestry of life bent around him, its threads flowing, bending to his will like iron before a blacksmith's anvil.’
    • ‘There were blacksmiths, carpenters and stonemasons who built and repaired dwellings.’
    • ‘Some beautiful damascus gun barrels were made as blacksmiths intertwined the contrasting colors of iron into artistic patterns.’
    • ‘Now he is working with a blacksmith to produce a metal band to hold the trunk together.’
    • ‘So far, 59 students have registered for the program here, where they will have hands on training to become carpenters, blacksmiths or electricians.’
    • ‘Although the young town had its own blacksmiths, wheelwrights, shoemakers and ropemakers, it never developed its own business centre.’
    • ‘We don't have many blacksmiths or typewriter makers these days.’
    • ‘Shops and open markets lined the streets, blacksmiths and leather shops had iron workings and hides tanning outside.’
    • ‘He walks to a blacksmith and procures a hot forging iron that he plans to use in retaliation.’
    • ‘Such workers - for the most part blacksmiths, weavers, and potters - traditionally constituted a distinct class, almost a separate caste.’
    • ‘Originally fashioned from wrought iron designed and forged by blacksmiths, today's ornamental fencing is crafted using modern materials and current production techniques.’
    • ‘They could be repaired by local blacksmiths, a process that usually involved laying on a new steel bit.’
    • ‘The original Acadians and Cajuns were farmers, herders, and ranchers, but they also worked as carpenters, coopers, blacksmiths, fishermen, shipbuilders, trappers, and sealers.’
    • ‘In response, the poor fought back, organising themselves into amateur guerrilla groups and arming themselves with guns made by local blacksmiths.’
    • ‘The wide central street we rode upon was flanked by shops of every kind; blacksmiths, bakers, weavers, all going about their business.’
    • ‘This was a great industrial town, having blacksmiths, wagon builders, coopers, weavers, millers, molders, and toolmakers.’
    • ‘The magazine's second solution was for blacksmiths to learn automobile and tractor repair.’
    • ‘In the alternate world site, players pick jobs and produce goods: blacksmiths make iron tools; tailors make shirts.’
    1. 1.1 A farrier.
      • ‘In some states, statutes specifically give farriers, horse shoers, or blacksmiths liens on horses they have shod.’
      • ‘The auto mechanic replaced the blacksmith, but it didn't mean all the horses vanished.’
      • ‘This was a specialized job mainly carried out by a blacksmith, later called a farrier.’
      • ‘Gradually the business changed from supplying shoe irons for blacksmiths to making nails.’